ChildLight is a spiritual, creative and educational project inspired by the growing call of children seeking to play and engage their spirits.  Weaving spiritual wisdom through playful artistic expression, meditation and story-telling, the ChildLight Project aims to see and share spiritual wisdom through the eyes of these young teachers, creating resources for educators and parents seeking to engage children on their spiritual path. 

Partnering with the Two Worlds Wisdom School in Brighton, Co., the ChildLight Project incorporates teachings from the 108 Wisdom Principles distilled by the founders of Two Worlds.  Providing a foundation for this project is the generosity series of wisdom principles, which include; Gratitude, Sharing, Giving, Abundance, Action, and Happiness.  Through teaching and exploring these perennial wisdom principles, the foundational understanding of love can be expanded and increased.    

The Project’s primary intention is to provide children with inspiration, resources, and opportunity for spiritual self-discovery.



 Angie Gollat is a gifted artist and teacher with a spirit that revels in play, lending beautifully to her creative work with children.  Angie has made a deep personal commitment to living in allignment with spirit,  studying a variety of spritual traditions and participating as faculty with the Two Worlds Wisdom School.  

Angie’s education and experience in the human services has led her to pioneer social programs for women and children in Thunder Bay, Ontario, as well as founding ‘Pathways’, an organizational and social wellness inspired initiative offering personal healing retreats, workshops and organizational wellness programming. 

A mother of three spirited children, Angie has been inspired to nurture children on their spiritual path.


Derek Khani is an established visionary artist whose talents span from painting, to photography, to extraordinary upcycled works of art. 

Originally from the Seychelles Islands, Derek studied Fine Arts in Germany, after which he completed a Bachelor of Education at Sussex University in Brighton, England.  

A father of three, he is passionate about nurturing the spirit’s of children, in particular through creative exploration.  Derek is an artist-educator with the Lakehead Public School Board in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and is particularly passionate about community art projects. 


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